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      Universe Update Roadmap #1

      Byamarro, try to hold hype, try to hold your hype.
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      Elite Dangerous to StarMade Conversion Project

      Screenshoots would be useful
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      Universe Update Roadmap #1

      I hope that we will get dev posts more often, as it sometimes looks like dev(s) abandoned the game, and only occasionally put an update when they fight off their procrastination, while all their real job is hidden due to lack of communication.
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      New Planet Speculation Thread

      Any highlights from the interview? 1:22 is a lot. Maybe sth about the new planets, and the universe update?
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      New Planet Speculation Thread

      One spherical planet, caused bigger investigation than signal from extraterrestrial life.
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      New Planet Speculation Thread

      I've just realised that the only people who may miss oreo planets are flat earthers.
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      How can you claim a wormhole system?

      I've did it once. I've just used build mode.
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      Lets make a SM slang guide - I will start =)

      Idea to alter vocabulary with force almost always fails. Just look at Canada's example. People just use a language as they wish, not as someone decides how it should be used.
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      What will be added in the Universe Update?

      Well, gas giants would be cheap in terms of computational power, so why not. They can provide some basic resource, that won't be expensive.
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      Universe Update: Star Systems, Territory, and Space

      My input Galaxy is a crowdy place let's make galaxy bigger. We also don't need another galaxies, they're cool in concept but they're not really necessary for a good gameplay. Galaxy is hard to navigate You may have grid, but navigation shows too many things at once. It's messy, and personally...
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      Universe Patch Brainstorming: Incentives Against Turtling?

      Well, I think that what will resolve turtling are points of interest. Remember that Universe Update aims to introduce resources distribution, so if You want to have steady inflow of some kinf od resources you'll have to use fleet that digs it, other players can destroy your salvagers, which will...
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      Factory manager block

      As far as I remember one of main Schine strategies is to avoid GUIs, and to configure everything by linking blocks because it's "easier for newbie to understand".
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      Any news on the weapons update?

      I'm not at Discord. Could anyone bring it here?
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      Highmaps and building sites for planets

      I were. It looks like you say that it's possible given the MC-like example. That's how I understood it.
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      Highmaps and building sites for planets

      Your solution just at the beginning of discussion starts to uncover various situations that need to be handled in unique ways, like construction sites for player created buildings and treating different planet structures with different algorithms. Every such exception leads to hidden complexity...