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      Hi cephalon simaris... I believe you can find the introduction thread in the pinned section near the top of the forums.
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      Noob Question re: Space Flight in StarMade

      Lol, don't thud... Anyway, for flight. Picture yourself on a Minecraft boat. Except it will not stop when u stop pressing w (generic forward movement key). You have to either configure the dampener settings, or actually slow urself down using the brakes. The acceleration of your ship depends...
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      Help with effects 2.0

      The effects should, iirc, change the damage type caused by the weapons. By adding these effects , the weapons would deal more damage to certain entities like shield, armor, and system. As for active vs passive, I have no clue
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      Returning player seeks help :)

      Well, with the weapons update, cannons have recoil. I recommend cannon beam (artillary cannon) based on it's damage behavior according to the weapons post by schema. And then beam cannon to wittle down shields. Not entirely sure if this would work. StarMade News - StarMade v0.201.126 -...
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      Returning player seeks help :)

      Kewl, so what do you wanna know?
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      Weapons Testing Results

      Kinda like Minecraft combat with tnt cannons
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      We need another fleet competition!

      One to accommodate newer systems eyyy.... Sounds good. Hope that happens after I get my PC build done. Hope awesome builders of the previous competitions also join in if it happens.
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      Less tedious asteotech repairs

      Exactly as u say
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      See Through Glass!

      Did not know u can't see through glass in game...
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      Less tedious asteotech repairs

      Cool idea... But I just ment to talk about the resources needed to repair.
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      Less tedious asteotech repairs

      That I understamd, but what about when you are running low on all sorts of specific blocks your ship needs? Wouldn't it be less annoying to just load basic resources instead of having to build every part in mass quantities.
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      Less tedious asteotech repairs

      Hello guys, I think this is my first ever suggestion.... Maybe.... I noticed in the general discussion thread "emergent fleet design" that people find it tedious to have to place specific blocks for the repair beams to repair. For example, your ship is made up of standard hull, but inside the...
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      Universe Patch Brainstorming: Incentives Against Turtling?

      Just got another idea. How about we make it so that the area around the core block is indestructible. For example, maybe for a 50x50x50 area centered around the core block that can't be destroyed but can be invaded via boarding. Boarding is only allowed when the player is on. But aside from...
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      Emergent Fleet Design

      Ikr, also makes repairing less tedious, that way if shit ever stops repairing, you just need to unload more mesh, composition, or scrap instead of having to find the specific block you ran out of.
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      How to generate more power?

      I got multi-million e/sec. Before... That was cuz I made a 2million reactor group and at 100%stabilization