VUS FS--"Leopard"-class -- Fighter Scout

    VUS FS--"Leopard"-class -- Fighter Scout GEN 1.5

    With the release of the Prospekt-class, in which I developed my style a lot further, I turned to refit the existing ships in the fleet, as well as making improvements to the shells, improvements I think make the ship look better. With this new version, the internals have been remade to adopt QF and there has been improvements to both energy generation and to the electromagnetic shield, I also removed unnecessary blocks and made the hull lighter, however, the main weapon has been severely nerfed, as the new reactor just exploded with the old gun. So I remade it too. That's it, now let's see some photos:


    i have remodeled the cockpit to resemble to Tiger's and to improve visibility, at the cost of protection, no advanced materials in fighters, they're expensive.

    I retextured the hull to look more interesting as well as more diverse

    Got rid of that stupid maintenance access, one weak point less.