Vortex BioLab Station

    Vortex BioLab Station TIER 1

    First release
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    4.20 star(s) 5 ratings

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    its a nice station but why doesnt the train work?
    I have adapted this Impressively designed base, with Rail Blast Doors, and 4 giant Turent Docking Stations that can conceal themselves in the Spheres. Also i made a extending airlock for Capital ships and higher,
    i love most of it the train is brocken i do not like that
    awesome station, need to add a little defenses but plenty of room is available to add that in without messing with the look and feel of the place

    one issue though is there is a shop module that is set to starlord luke lol, no idea where it is to remove it or change it
    Very nice and overall good use of new features, how ever i would have liked to see the use of internet rails more! Like big rail blast doors and interiors security turret that can be activated.

    Like this one for a example
    I have this in my base, just in cease any intruder gets in, would have liked to see that too!