UNSC Infinity

    UNSC Infinity UPDATED to 1.0

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    1. UNSC infinity big update ,VERSION 1.0 GOLD

      new version is here ,GOLD release is here,its beautiful! DOWNLOAD...
    2. V0.8.100

      small sment update! enjoy mac users,sorry for not thinking about you the first time...

    Latest reviews

    ive been looking for something like this and this is truly amazing. i give it a YES THIS IS SO AWESOME AHAHAHAHA out of ten.
    I can not download this can some please Reupload that in a .sment file, that being said looks promising
    Awesome! Best miner ever!
    Help off pirates for 4 mins before Warping away :D Very defensive.
    10/10 Made me cry
    thank you sir!! also,are you keeping up with my infinity 2.0 updates on youtube? :D I started doing a whole new 1000x better infinity
    very good build, right amount of detail, nothing overdone. Good balance of whats needed to look and feel good.
    for a moment i though you are gonna trash my biggest build,my treasure. hahaha thanks :)
    awesome ship i would love to see it updated to the rail system and all the other stuff. thank you soo much :]
    i just wish he put up a video saying how to install the ship since its not sment i dont know how to install the blueprint but from th =e screen shots it looks good
    Spawned the ship, my low-end computer almost burst into flames. Why did I think this was a good idea?
    10 / 10
    nice xD
    I have no words for the ship, That's how good it is.

    So instead of ending the review right there, I'm gonna tell a humorous story about what I did with the ship.

    So at first I was discouraged by the size of it not because it is huge but because my com is a piece of crud. Turns out you just have to have a little faith in it or I just got lucky. probably both are the reason. So after it loaded I got a nice view of the not-so nice view of the ship, the underside part of the engine shield but I can understand you don't want to smother your ship in detail. anyway I spawned in a core (kinda hard to walk a ship of that size) and I went in on the side hanger. (this is probably boring you right now) i exited the core by deleting it and silly Lukea got tp to the place where i got into the core, repeated it again by deleting it the same way. then I got the smart idea to leave the core and delete it...

    Even I am bored of talking so I'm gonna sum the rest up quickly:

    1. Explored the ship.
    2. Couldn't find core and gave up.
    3. No weapon testing :(

    There, All settled.

    Anyway the detail on the ship is amazing.
    That's all I have to say.
    Epic shit is EPIC!!