UNSC Class Paris frigate ; "The Lucky Punk" 2019-02-03

    UNSC Class Paris frigate shell

    1. Scypio
      Game version:
      Unzip and drop the content of the folder into your blueprints folder.

      This beauty took me more time than expected to finish but i am happy to present this 1:1 UNSC Paris class frigate.

      I took the shell from this guy here and worked from it. So all credits goes to him for the base shell. From that i redid a lot of stuff on the ship as well as cleaning up the shell completely. And then the work began.
      The ship is fully detailed, with complete rp interiors and layout that should be close to what they should be while keeping a good amount of internal space for systems. The shell comes also equipped with a reactor, stabilizers, a MAC gun, some shields and thrusters. You will need to finish to fill the ship however. It is far from ready to do anything with.

      But here it is, some screenshots to aphetize and a sketchfab to start looking through it. One last thing to say. Be careful when pressing buttons ! And don't look at the SOEIV drop pods. They're ugly on 1:1 scale. :u

    Recent Reviews

    1. Charrcuter
      Version: 2019-02-03
      He's really nice, he will fit with the infinity.
    2. Vedrfolnir
      Version: 2019-02-03
      Matches the Paris perfectly, great size and some cool logic systems