UCS LX-264-A2 Puma

    UCS LX-264-A2 Puma A2

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    Safety regulations require escape craft on all civilian vessels and while most are nothing more than a coffin that ejects crew and passengers away from a doomed vessel the Puma is very much an exception. This expensive little escape shuttle doubles as an escape pod as well as a planetary landing craft. With a Thrust to mass ratio over 18:1 provided by the twin fusion torches the Puma can reach it's max speed in around 4 seconds or under 3 when the thrust blast is utilized.

    Despite being specifically designed for the Serval Racing Yacht the compact size and extremely high thrust to mass ratio makes the Puma Escape Shuttle an excellent option for any craft that can carry one, assuming you can afford the LX marked up price tag that is. The compact size does however have it's trade offs. The crew capacity is significantly smaller than comparable sized shuttles as well as there being minimal storage. There is also no USD so ship to ship transfers will require the use of shuttle bay or a standard UCS top hatch docking clamp.



    Standard UCS FC Dock
    Two crew seats and two jump seats
    Retracting engine pods decreases the space needed to store the craft onboard
    Wireless Module for linking to mothership

    Length: 13​
    Width: 7 (11 with engines extended)​
    Height: 7​
    Mass: 26.4​
    Shields: Minimal​
    Thrust: 487.9​
    Max Speed: 688.5​
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