UCS LX-1121-A1 Serval Racing Yacht

    UCS LX-1121-A1 Serval Racing Yacht A1

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    When assigned with the task of creating a yacht both capable of participating in Stellar Sprints as well as long journeys into deep space some mad scientist of an engineer got the bright idea of requisitioning a fusion core slated to be installed in a military frigate. With the rest of the frame mounted to this massive reactor the Serval Racing Yacht was born. While it does have the standard grav-drive for general positioning and maneuverability exhaust plasma can be directly syphoned off the fusion core and directed through shielded channels and out the 3 RCS ports on the tips of the 4 "wings" giving the Serval enhanced maneuverability for a ship this size. The reactor comes from the factory capable of being operating an enhanced FLT drive but these capabilities will be offline during sprint challenge races instead utilizing that power for increased acceleration.


    Access to the Serval is granted via a port side airlock equipped with an automatically extending docking collar. Trust us you want that fusion core to be as far away from you as possible when this ship docks.


    The Serval Yacht is a test bed for a variable geometry thruster, the thruster port opens up to achieve greater top speeds.

    The Serval Yacht also comes standard with a LX-264-A2 Puma Escape Shuttle docked to the belly of the craft. This shuttle allows crew to land on planets as well as escaping in the event of a catastrophic accident. The shuttle dock is capable of operating in two modes. Hold Mode allows the shuttle to be lowered from the mothership and then manually undocked or launched when in Eject Mode. The Puma is accessed directly via it's top hatch in the corridor next to the airlock.

    Main Engineering

    The Bridge

    Living accommodation

    Crew Bunks


    Oversized Fusion core (hope you like strapping yourself to a micro star)
    Comfortable interior for long journeys around the solar system or across the galaxy.
    Puma escape shuttle, you have money to burn, why not flee in style?
    USD Airlock with extending docking collar
    Docking Camera
    All ship functions can be controlled via inner ship remotes.
    Radar Dish can be switched on and off​
    Running Lights can be set to steady or strobe​
    Core clock can be turned off to deactivate variable geometry thruster.​
    Most of the logic can be accessed via engineering spaces
    Wireless modules labeled in the case they become disconnected

    Length: 73​
    Width: 31​
    Height: 31​
    Mass: 1121​
    Shields: 40,000​
    Thrust: 8776.2​
    Max Speed: 688.5​
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