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    Trident Deep-space Outpost V1.15 Dock Change

    It's been a while since we at Trident uploaded anything, so today we present our first station, the Deep-space Outpost!

    A perfect choice for frontier operations, this small station comes with accommodation for eight crew, a fully-stocked bar (practically the entire outer ring :p), a large factory system and storage, and docking facilities for small fighters and capital ships alike.

    The blueprint also includes one of our Hammerhead Medium Fighters docked to the fighter port, an upgraded FRQ, a Cobra Corvette, and a Hyperion Corvette.

    NOTE: There is currently no shields on the station - I'll fix that in a later update.

    Exterior by
    crazyf22raptor, interior and weapons by me.

    Check out our shipyard post for even more ships! (link)
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    Latest updates

    1. Minor dock changes

      Updated docks of station and docked ships to be compatible to the new USD Type 1 standard.
    2. Huge overhaul!

      A massive change to the station incorporating suggestions and the latest developments: Added a...

    Latest reviews

    Great station, my son loves it, saves him having to build his own ;).
    Nice little station, and capable ships.
    I would like to see a dump chest that gets sorted into 15 or so containers depending on what type of material, armour in one, planet materials in another ect... and the raw materials go to get processed, then pulled to another chest for storage.
    Lovely small station. Perfect as a beginners Home Base or an outpost. You hid the docking of the fighter really well. Having a docking port on all sides would be a nice addition. This station can house four people in comfort. Maybe add a little storage space or a small factory. Well Done!
    Hmm I'll see if I can get Mr Crazy to make some more docks then.
    And I suppose I can sacrifice a few pints for a factory system... :)