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    The "Exilis" utility craft pack v1.3

    A must-have pack of three neat little utility vehicles that you can use on your stations or ships.

    1. DeepspaceMechanic
      Game version:
      Presenting the "Exilis" utility craft pack: three neat little utility vehicles of various roles, in one package.

      Every serious shipyard or heavy industrial vessel should have at least one of all three of these models. They all have high aesthetic/roleplay value, and you can save yourself the time of filling in blank spots on your larger structures by docking some of these as "functional decoration". They also serve their practical purpose perfectly (whatever that might be - you decide) ;)

      These are the exact same utility ships you might have seen on my PetroFlux H56 Refueling & Repair Station

      I'd also like to mention that these were inspired by Tshara's Worker Bee

      Have fun with them! (y)

      (Images slightly outdated since an update)

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    1. Same as previous update
    2. Refitted to Systems 2.1

    Recent Reviews

    1. darknassius
      Version: v1.3
      very nice small utility ship
    2. MChain
      Version: v1.3
      Stars for the drone and the large tug. 159 seems to be a bit oversized for its function (and yes I know they are more decorative than functional)
    3. SkylordLuke
      Version: v1
      Brilliant!! Love the claws
      1. DeepspaceMechanic
        Author's Response
        Thanks! :D If only they could work... maybe it would be possible to add a very compact little rail-magic to the largest of these to make the claws controllable.