The Black

    The Black 1.01

    The successor to the Akula, this is the same design philosophy applied to a larger scale, with more up-to-date construction practices to make a more modern and capable warship. It features a large docking bay, internal meeting rooms and powerful shields. In Tethys, it is the ancient sentient Godship that oversees the security of Core Space with a cold calculating manner.

    Mass: 168'000
    Length: 526m
    Width: 241m
    Height: 286m
    Thrust: 103'000
    Shields: 4'400'000 (70'000/s)
    Power: 239'000'000 (8'300'000/s)
    Main Armament: 2x Beam Cannons (311'000 DPS),2x Small "popgun" AMC cannons (22'000 DPS) 8x capital torpedo tubes
    Turrets: 4x Large Inquisitor Turrets, 5x Medium Ravager Turrets, 10x Point Defense Turrets, 12x Missile Turret Batteries
    Docking bays: 1x Cruiser Docking bay (Sfiridiin Investigation Cruiser included) , 7x large internal Landing pads

    First release
    Last update
    4.94 star(s) 31 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. FINALLY regen and updated weapons

      Even ion defense! erhmehgeeerd. This update had been a looong time coming, I've been putting it...
    2. It is finished.

      ... Save for the furniture and other such decorations in the internal areas, this beast is done...

    Latest reviews

    If i ever die in a ship battle i want to die to this.
    i have no idea what the godship is or what the coldspace is, its weapons are not listed, and i have no idea why it was called the black. ... 10 OUATA 10!
    Wonderful ship, are you going to update it to current with all the new stuff?
    No, i'll probably just rebuild it entire following a similar style and theme. Glad you like it though despite it's age
    Every ship you make is just so amazing :D
    *blush* Anyone can do it with a little imagination and drive
    AMAZING but how do i download it and yes i know im an idiot but its not working for me :(
    Cool, but evryone is able to run away/live so far that it will take hours to get there without jump drive
    Yes indeed, this ship is from before the age even of new weapons and shields, though they were updated, jumpdrives were not.
    Man it's sooooooo good looking! Wow. But please can you add jumpdrive and update the weapons?
    I've already had to update the weapons, they are current, save for lacking effects and not having anything like a laser. I probably will not add a jump drive as I have no substantial room to put it, so if there was one, it would be the slowest jump drive in the history of the world. Still, I am glad you like it.
    It makes me feel evil!
    my first time on a Titan so, I really appreciate the red walkway lighting to help me find the bridge. took me a while to find my way out of the dock but that's probably cause i'm a noob. thx man it's great!
    This was made before display modules - I'd probably put signage around nowadays, the bridge (or AI core) is a bit hard to find tucked away as it is. Glad you like it!
    A real joy to fly :) Retreat? What's that?
    It's the thing those other ships are doing when they are not busy exploding or surrendering. I am glad you like it, even after all this time.
    Looks nice but what is the load command
    Thank-you, this is a common question, actually. you want "/load "catalogshipname" "nameyouwant"" so you'd type "/load "The Black" "The Black"