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    SMEdit 1.03.92a

    Multipurpose editing tool; Blueprint modifier / creator able to import 3D files

    1. Bobby Bighoof
      icon.png SMEdit is widely used, and is hugely supported.

      It comes with tons of abilities right at you fingertips.
      It also allows you to do more than just modify. You can also create your own blueprints. SMEdit is proud to be the first station and shop editing tool.

      3D modeling import abilities include obj, binvox, VRML, and Minecraft .schematic!

      If you wish to talk to me directly about SMEdit you can join me directly most of the time and most days on my community teamspeak voice chat. Just be ready to use push to talk on there as it is forced on the voice chat.


      The site for SMEdit will be back up when I get a chance to focus on redoing it.

      Here is a nice tutorial by Unbreakable Gamers

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    Recent Reviews

    1. CapalVic
      Version: 1.03.92a
      So, when I first download it, it works. Then I try uploading a obj file of a ship, and it crashes. I restart, the launcher for SMEDIT comes up, but the program never actually starts. Then, I come back here to redownload it, and guess what? The download doesn't work. My review will change then this is fixed.
    2. RabidBat
      Version: 1.03.92a
      I have to change my review. I was a bit harsh on Bobby originally. But in fairness, this is a must have tool for importing models to BP's.
      Despite lacking in updates (not helped by Schines views on mods no doubt) I still rely heavily on it for making hulls.
    3. Targaryen
      Version: 1.03.92a
      I cant use it because it contantly says that it need an update! please rapair that or upload an update to the site
    4. Lockerd
      Version: 1.03.92a
      I loved it, still do for some basic conversion. However, I really would like to see it updated so I can open, and edit blueprints. It was a great resource for making super detailed ships faster.
    5. FireOfVoid
      Version: 1.03.92a
      No matter what I do, it won't let me upload any of my OBJ files. It keep saying ERROR
    6. Blobfscrazy
      Version: 1.03.92a
    7. Pinky_Pie
      Version: Current version 1.03.92
      Really good prog, since we can works on imported basics and get a scale and shape about ship / stations. Like SkyLord luke, im still wondering how to get a perfect symetry. Now just cutting the ship in 2 and making the symetric with it activated on starmade. Thx for Sharing and working still on it :D Kara.
    8. xXDeathreusXx
      Version: Current version 1.03.92
      Rest in Piece
      Best editor StarMade
      ever had
    9. Super_Dork_42
      Version: Current version 1.03.92
      Really great resource, glad to see it working again. Only problem I've seen so far is I'm trying to move a core around and once I place the block (beacon in this case) where I want it I try to import the new blueprint to SMEdit and it doesn't open it. Anyone know how to open a working blueprint to the program?
    10. Achriel
      Version: Current version 1.03.92
      Handy but confusing (needs a manual). Spheres are spherical but kinda wonky. Still a very useful tool and especially if I can manage moving a core.