Shokolad Vodka Union Drone D-1 Pack Mod 1

    Simple combat and mining drones

    1. SlavSquatSuperstar
      Game version:
      Weapons 3.0
      Shokolad Vodka Union presents our latest in drone technology, the D-1 Drone! Why use up valuable time and put your life at risk when these simple but effective drones can do your job better than you can? We introduce to the market two variants, the DC-1 combat drone and DL-1 logistics drone.


      Shared stats:
      • R18 reactor
      • Top speed package
      • Bobby AI module
      • Accessibility hatch
      • Fans (it gets stuffy in there)
      • Tinted lights (a first for SVU!)

      DC-1 Combat Drone
      • 2B30 laser beams doing 15 damage/sec
      • 12k shields
      • Shield enhancement package

      DL-1 Logistics Drone
      • 2S30 salvage beams
      • 8k cargo capacity
      • 2.2k shields
      combat.png mining.png

      Designer's Note: I started experimenting with small ships since I have struggled with building large ships. Here is a project I've been working on.


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