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    MSF Valkyrie 2016-06-10

    MSF Faction Light Fighter

    1. Lightning312
      Introducing the MSF Valkyrie fighter! The Valkyrie is a fast interceptor designed to provide quick first-response to any unknown or hostile craft. Its overdrive allows the Valkyrie to reach the enemy quickly, and its powerful Mini Particle Accelerator Cannon (miPAC) allows the Valkyrie to give them a swift kick upon arrival. The Valkyrie complements the slower, more heavily-shielded Hellion-class fighters.


      Top View:

      The Underbelly:

      This ship will be made available as part of my MSF Starmade contest faction.

      Author's Note:
      A bazillion cudos to whoever can guess what show inspired this ship.

    Recent Reviews

    1. wizard_fish
      Version: 2016-06-10
      works very well for such a small fighter! and i love the design <3