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    MRGS The Great Yamato 310119

    The Great Yamato

    1. MrGrey1
      Game version:
      MrGrey1's Shipyard presents, "The Great Yamato"

      I built this ship with an aim to make a fun survival and exploration ship. I've included RP areas for all major ship functions such as crew quarters, mess, medical and research bays.
      For resource collection she includes twelve mining drones in two independent stern docks. There are two Cosmo fighters in the keel dock for recon duties. Cargo docks on either side of the hull provide docking space for small bikes or cargo pallets.
      Stealth and FTL chambers come default. The ship has capacity for up to nine chambers. I've left a scaffold filler so the chamber layout is easy to find and easy to swap out to any desired configuration.
      She has two hull controlled main weapons both activated via logic. A forward facing M/B battery and of course the Wave Motion Gun.
      The Gun is B/B and will take some time to charge before it fires. I'm still not entirely happy with it but it looks the part at least. Any suggestions for improvements there are welcome.

      This ship is under frequent development and has recently had a full refit. I've tried to get the BP 100% but I always miss something. :) All screens, inner ship remotes and wireless connections appear to be connected and saving to the BP correctly. The mining drones will need to have their load/unload settings configured individually. Treat the mining docks with care.
      Each dock section will un-dock and reset on a single button or inner ship remote activation. All ships should automatically re-dock on a fleet recall. Make sure the Yamato is positioned correctly in relation to the drones before recalling. Multiple button pushes before the dock/un-dock process has completed will cause problems. A dock reset button is located in the internal mining dock.

      It's a big ship and there's a lot of area to cover so let me know what I've missed. The Great Yamato Shipyard thread for issues and questions.


      EDIT 310119: Fixed for new game version. Cosmetic updates. Turret updates, removed thrusters and reactor as no longer needed with spawn to dock. Fixed light on AMS turrets blocking movement with new light boundary box. Mounted WMG on-board. Fixed cargo doors. Fixed missing missile capacity and docked missile.Fixed missing launch control for fighters.

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    Recent Reviews

    1. Gmodism
      Version: 310119
      This is the ship I deem to be the overall absolute best craft released under 2018, very good job on recreating the Yamato in StarMade, you managed to retain the general feeling of the original and translate that to StarMade masterfully.
    2. ForgottenPrime
      Version: 310119
      Love the design. I did a vid on my offline an promoted this. I hope to see more. Peace.
    3. klawxx
      Version: 310119
      @MrGrey1, to be honest, is one of the few builders that are able to create believable, organic, curved surfaces with the assets we have at the moment. This is no small feat.
      This build alone might compels me to watch the anime, which I'm not familiar with. That's also no small feat... =)
    4. CW390
      Version: 2018-09-24
      I randomly checked the Starmade site today and then saw this... I had to login and download this ship. I haven't played Starmade in a good while, so I had to back up my old files and update just to see this.
      This is beautiful. This here is a truly magnificent build. I love Space Battleship Yamato and seeing you do it justice, makes my heart beat in a wonderful way. This very well matches up with the image you were referencing, giving thought to little details allover this ship. I love the interior, the detailing the majesty of it all! This ship has beautiful curves, Stunning details both exterior-wise and interior-wise.
      This build, exterior and interior design wise, is 5/5 stars.
      1. MrGrey1
        Author's Response
        Thank you. It's good to know she provided such motivation.
    5. darknassius
      Version: 2018-09-24
      very nice shape he is beautifull ^^
      1. MrGrey1
        Author's Response
        Thanks. Many, many revisions to get the slabs blending smoothly with the wedges. Cheers for the review.
    6. wraitheart
      Version: 2018-09-24
      nice!! you got it done
      1. MrGrey1
        Author's Response
        Done but not finished... as always. ;)