Manticore - heavy destroyer

    Manticore - heavy destroyer A6R5

    Forgot to remove some docking enhancers (thx Fishbone5618 )
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    Complete overhaul: Switched the majority of the advanced black hull to standard for design reasons, tried to fix a few of the power issues (lowered weapon count for missile systems and main turrets), added a few new systems and secondary turrets....
    Renewed the crystals on the ship and the docked entities.
    Some small alterations (logic systems now more in line with my newer ships, a few system adjustments).
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    Mini update: scanner system upgraded (only a very small amount though)
    Small change to the door logic system, also now with blast doors and wedges
    the 2 smaller docking ports got replaced by a jumpdrive.

    small cosmetic fix
    • More aggressive look and feel.
    • Heavier turrets
    • updated logic systems
    • ...