Low Profile Advanced AMS turret

    Low Profile Advanced AMS turret 1.0

    Another Advanced AMS turret.

    The usual features with my AMS turrets.

    Cannon/cannon everyone's standard AMS weapon.
    Cannon/Beam for extra range to rotate around while missile is out of cannon/cannon range and to open fire with the cannon/cannon while the missile in cannon/beam range.
    Cannon/Missile shotgun to put more rounds in area.
    All armour is advanced to absorb damage once the main shields are under 50%. The armour also protects the underside somewhat while at full elevation.
    All parts have a shield recharger for the 220 shields built into the core.
    The entire turret is under the minimum mass requirement for maximum rotation speed.
    This one has all its required power supply in the turret base.
    Low profile one block above hull while in reset position.
    Capable of 90 degree elevation but is then 3 blocks above hull. Can be reduced to two by removing the turrets advanced armour protecting the cannon barrels.
    All parts do not have thruster's on them but should be light enough to move slowly without them.

    Install instructions.

    The sment includes a hull mounting base so you can replicate or copy and paste onto your ship. Redecorate the turret and hull mount as required. The copy area is 9L x 9W denoted by and including the red hull with a depth of 4 blocks. Note the turret also takes up a blocks under that so the total depth of the turret into the ship hull including the surface layer of hull is 5. The turret base in under the hull plate and the core is visible. The turret axis is visible from the outside.

    1. Re color hull plate and turret as required to fit your ship.
    2. Enter the turret base and blueprint it.
    3. Copy and template the 9L x 9W x 5H hull section.
    4. Paste template onto ship.
    5. Spawn or build turret and then dock it into the mounting.
    6. double check the AI is enabled.

    Also if you just want a low profile turret you can rip out the computers and weapons blocks to remodel. You have a total room for 12 weapon blocks and computers. +3 more extra if you remove the advanced armour protecting the existing cannon barrels. Note this may use more power than what is supplied by the base.

    Pictures Reset Mode, Half elevated, Full elevation.
    AMSTurretFlat1.png AMSTurretFlat2.png AMSTurretFlat3.png
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    Great function, improve the protection with some slabs and you have a winner.