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    Detector 1.0

    A cloaked hostile detector for a homebase station. No moving rails.

    1. Mork2
      Game version:
      Proof of logic concept.

      This detector module is designed to be used inside an enclosed space protected inside a home base station.

      It fires missiles at hostiles so will probably damage the surrounding station if its not a home base or well shielded.

      I could have build an enclosure but it would require re-calibrating power use as the scanner would use more power due to the increased mass.

      User Manual
      Spawn in on a docking point in the station or fly it in. It might be a good idea to enclose it in glass doors so you can get to it and see it at the same time.

      There is a copy of these instructions on display units.
      1. Undock it from station.
      If docked power usage will be from the main body which cause this to not work properly.​
      2, Check the clock is functioning. If not turn it on.
      There is an inner remote make sure that is on for the clock to function.​
      3. Make sure the sensor scan is running.
      If its not running it won't consume enough power for the turret to trigger.
      Note this means that any cloaked hostile will be detected.
      Also note that server restarts, sector unloading etc may deactivate the scan will cause power issues.​
      4. Link the wireless connection to whatever you want to activate.
      When On a hostile is detected. I wouldn't link this to launching heat seeker missiles as all sorts of things might go wrong on sector loading or logging in. As various modules need to be charged you might get false hostile alerts. Once everything is charged (shields, weapons, scanner) its power use should stabilise.​

      Basically its a logic clock on the right that activates a sensor that is linked to the reactor. The additional actuators on the left not near the sensor are for calibrating the trigger point for when the turret is using power. When the turret is firing enough power is used for the sensor to pickup. It was tricky to calibrate correctly. Adding extra blocks will change the power usage that may also break it.
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    Recent Reviews

    1. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: 1.0
      hmmmmm... could i perhaps hook it up to a lotof turrets?
      1. Mork2
        Author's Response
        I did do that an one point. But for the scanner to work you have to be undocked so all the turrets won't be protected as a home base.
    2. deadparrot96
      Version: 1.0
      Sounds like a neat mod, can't wait to try it. Any idea if there's going to be a ship variant of this program, or does it have to be stationary for it to work?
      1. Mork2
        Author's Response
        Unfortunately due to power system 2.0 this only works with something not docked to something. Unless you can figure out a way for something to follow a ship without being docked or varying its power use. Might be possible to use the old system of a turret blocking movement of a sliding rail somehow and using logic to detect that. Old versions of that have logic errors.