Lambda-Class T4a Shuttle 1.1

    The Imperial Shuttle

    1. Stike7g5

      Lambda-Class T4a Shuttle

      Cockpit Doubles as the Ships Escape Pod

      S-Foils Deployed and Nav-Lights toggled

      Landing Gear and Boarding Ramp are both Rail/logic For max RP Value

      Main Cabin interior equipped with 2 storage lockers, Medical Cabinet and Gravity Module

      Cockpit Interior, The Core at the front of the ship is for the escape pod. The Core for the main ship is behind the port/stern (Left Rear) most seat in the cockpit area





      More About the Ship

      Special Note: Make sure you go into your Thrust settings for the ship and select Inherit from docked entities!

      Mass: 154.2
      Length: 20m
      Width: 13m
      Height: 20m
      Power: 1,273,119.2e @4,834.3e/sec
      Shield: 220s @22s/sec
      Thrust: 205.1(138.7%)
      Structure Hitpoints: 9,940
      Armour Hitpoints: 39,800
      HP Damage Penalty: 0

      Special Features
      • Rail:
        • S-Foils
        • Boarding Ramp
        • Landing Gear
        • Escape Pod/Cockpit1
      • Jump Drive Equipped
      • Stop Effect anti-grav (about 50% effective)
      • Toggleable Navigation Lights
      • Full RP Interior
      • Iconic Blue Engine Glow
      • Rail Dockers Mounted to the Ventral Hull to allow docking to platforms and other entities

      This ship was designed to be as close to as possible 1:1 Replica, and therefore will not suite for PvP servers and play. The Ship is intended for Role Playing purposes with a full interior. With that said the Ship will perform adequately for it's size and intended purpose.

      Notes from the Author:
      Thank You for downloading this resource. Please rate and leave a comment on what you like, hate and in which areas you think I can approve upon. If you want to check out other creations from either My brother in arms or myself you can visit The Serene Horizons Advanced Development and Engineering thread. There we work most exclusively on Star Wars Replicas, but also Include works from Other series and we also include Custom Builds. You can also Join The Serene Horizons Build Group and join us upon our build server By clicking HERE for more information.

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