Klawxx - Amarr Armageddon (Navy Issue) 1.0

    The pride of the Amarr fleet, now on StarMade!

    1. DuckyQuacks
      Version: 1.0
      Looks awesome!
      I'm a huge fan of Black ops (I own a Sin in Eve) and I'd love to see a 'black ops' version of this!
      1. klawxx
        Author's Response
        ha, a cover ops... interesting idea... It would take a while tho. Even in half-scale this ship took me like 6 months for the shell and more 6 months for interior and systems. I will think about it =)
    2. skeletor
      Version: 1.0
      Great build man. +1 for Amarr drones, - one for not having rainbow lasers ;D, + one more for temple inside.

      This is probably one of the best EVE theme ships i have seen.