Huge Turret

    Huge Turret 2018-12-25

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    This is a large turret, more for looking good. I'm not a pro at weapon systems yet, or optimizing turrets. I'm aware that the joints are very unprotected. But i'm still learning :)

    If you can't tell, I love lighting in my builds. More to come, I'd love to see what the community can do with this!
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    Starlord Nero
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    Looks cool, nice lightning.
    The connection betwin the Barrel and the Base looks fragile and thin, I would make them more massive to bring it in line with the rest of the turret.

    Ohh and I'm a bit dissapointed, You wrote "LARGE"and "MEGA" as Tags and then the turret is barely larger than my regular Capital turrets, No offence.
    Just a "small" comparsion: Your "Mega god" turret vs my "God Spear Cannon" turret
    Starlord Nero
    Starlord Nero
    Thank you soo much for your review. I do agree with the Fragile comment. This is by far the biggest turret I had ever built. After a recent donwload of one of Nuclear Fun's ships I now understand a new turret design.

    I reviewed the photo you posted as well. lol WHAT in the world o you have that turret attached to? A Titan ship? I would love to see it as the turret looks amazing!