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    Chosen War Boy Grey (WIP) 2018-12-31

    Battle Ship

    1. Starlord Nero
      Game version:
      This is a massive work in progress for my faction "The Chosen" so please keep this in mind. I have a very different build style than most people so keep an open mind ;) . I'd like to get my work out there before I end up never finishing it as I do with many projects, which is why i'm uploading this now. I'd love to see what the community can do with this ship. I am severely lacking in detailing and interior, but like I said this ship is far from finished.

      Deminensions: 393 W, 89 H, 327 L
      Mass thus far: 201,671,797
      Thrust to Mass: 2.5

      The first thing you might notice is there are a TON of weapons systems on this ship.. Indeed, it is going to be the main battle ship for my Fleet so I made a lot of weapons systems. I had not experimented with chambers at the time of retro fitting this ship so there are no chambers aboard. You could however remove some of the over all power and add chambers if you wish. There is currently no docking available on this version due to the fact that it's unfinished.

      Don't be too harsh, just remember, WIP :)

      P.S. I'm not sure how well this ship would do in PVP as I have only tested it against Pirates, and they did spawn this ship on me while building my space-station

      Let's just say that didn't go so well for me lol.

      I would like to add that the Top 2 and bottom 2 larger turrets were made by "Nuclear Fun" I did not create them. I did however borrow them and recolor them. Thanks ! Chosen FS.png Chosen F.png Chosen SR.png ..

      And below is what the ship started out as.. This was PRE new power systems. Poor little ship has gone through a complete overhaul. The new power system still has me down.. This first iteration ship had 21 million power on board.. the new ship barely skirts over 9 Million. I miss the old power system..

      60070_470a7b27f123ca9615036d6dd1737560.png 60072_a42311ef2208c1caae33f50d1b79629b.png

    Recent Reviews

    1. Klasik
      Version: 2018-12-31
      The ship really good looking,
      But has several issues:

      The blueprint has old parts and its impossible to spawn it on server.

      Need remove:
      Jump Drive Computer 1 unit
      Jump Inhibitor Module 55 units
      Power (Old) 68 units (There is issue with power cant find them because probably name was change in updates...)
      Radar Jammer 1 unit
      Scanner Athena 1 unit
      Scanner Computer 1 unit

      The quantity of weapons I think good but controls of them over weighted. The controls must fit at least to 2 tool belt lines.

      probably ship must have standard O entrance tunnel to connect it to station...

      So we waiting to update... Thx
      1. Starlord Nero
        Author's Response
        Thank you for your input! I'll definitely pay attention to what you've said while updating this ship. I took a few months off due to work but I am eager to get back to it. This will be my first build that WILL get completed lol.

        I'll definitely be posting more updates, and deleting said units that you posted about. :)
    2. kikaha
      Version: 2018-12-31
      Powerfull ship. Yet not that fun to play with. Too many weapons to choose from and i've found than appart from using it as AI entity that's all i'll do with it.
      It does look nice and there is some attention to details. I'm not a PvPer so you understand a little bit better my point of view
      1. Starlord Nero
        Author's Response
        Yeah it can definitely be a bit overwhelming for sure with all the weapon selections. There's still a ton of work to be done, more details to add before I put a refined product up. Thank your for your review and maybe i'll put an empty version up once I finish detailing so people can fill with whatever weapons they want :)