How to make a Very Low Profile (Sexy) Anti-Missile Turret

    How to make a Very Low Profile (Sexy) Anti-Missile Turret 2016-03-23

    Per request on this thread
    Here's how to make a Very Low Profile (Sexy) Anti-Missile Turret that can be added to any ship. The highlight of this turret is that it's unobtrusive. IE: it doesn't require any systems be placed below the surface of the hull of your ship.

    The example uploaded here should be ready to go. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

    1) First off start off with a platform of a 5X5 three quarter slabs with a turret axis in the middle:

    This example shows a border of full height blocks around the 5X5 slabs. The key here is the Slabs. They allow for full rotation of the vertical axis of the turret.

    2) Make the turret base:

    The only system blocks on this base is a core, docker, and turret axis. But you will also see some quarter slabs and wedges to cover the system blocks.

    3) Now for the business end of the turret:

    Here you have 8 system blocks: 2 Cannon Computers, 2 Cannon Barrels, 1 Light for color, 1 Bobby AI, 1 Docker, and 1 Core. Make sure you link the system blocks as indicated in the picture above.

    4) Now we add some more quarter slabs to cover the system blocks:

    5) now dock the Turret Top to the Turret Base:

    6) Exit the core and navigate to the Bobby AI block and press "R" to access the Bobby AI menu. Set the Bobby AI as follows: "Turret", "Active", and "Missiles"

    Congratulations, you now have a Very Low Profile Anti-Missile that has a full range of movement and does not have any systems below the surface of your platform.
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    I think your (sexy) turret has got me hooked and fallen in love.
    Amazing and totally intuitive! Love the download and it works great on smaller ships :D
    I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the review
    Very low, good up/down movement, gets the job done.
    Thanks for the awesome review
    Excellent turret. Though, in terms of design, I'd suppose switching places between BOBBY and nonfunctional (slave) cannon barrel. Having only one barrel shooting on a twin turret is weird; having an AI lens instead of second barrel seems more logical.
    Thanks for the review :D
    Yeah, having a non-firing visible cannon barrel isn't very visually appealing is it?
    Say i want to make a slightly larger turret. I make the square 7x7 instead of 5x5. Now, i make the base 5x3x2 instead of 3x1x1. The "Business end" is not 2x2x6 instead of 1x1x4. Does this still work?
    I don't know, I can't picture it in my head. You should try it out and let us know. :)
    Remarkably simple instructions, and a download too?
    Thanks ;)

    Glad you like it.
    Thank you for both the download and the construction instructions. This is one of those "need to have" things made easy. It just works.
    No Problem. Glad I could help. :)
    Awesome design! Thanks for the download and the instructions! Will definitely be using this style from now on!
    Thanks for the awesome review.

    Be careful though, once you start using these guys, you'll never use any other kind of AMS... they're just too easy.

    Glad you like it and I'm glad I could help.

    Have fun :)