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    Gyroscope Station 2017-02-01

    An unique fully equiped gyroscope as a main space station

    1. Arthuria

      Mass: 1,167 (24,500 blocks)
      Lenght: 141m, Heigh: 192m, Width: 139m
      Power: 860.000 (102.000 e/s)
      Shields: 188.000 (7.200 s/s)
      Armor: 335.000
      No thrusts (Space station, remember ?)


      1) Does it move ?
      1) Yes, the gyroscope work and move. You may have to click on the buttons right next to each ring's docks first. You can localize them easily by enabling the shipcore tracking.

      2) What is the ring speed ?
      2) The basic speed is the 5% speed due to the heavy rings. The basic 5% speed is around 20MPH. I prefer this one, it's still fast, and relaxing.

      3) How to reach the max speed ?
      3) You can, like in the video, reach the 100% speed by adding ~100 dock enhancers on the Station, 3rd ring (The farthest), and 2nd ring.

      4) What is the max speed ?
      4) The 100% Speed is around 4.000 MPH on the 1rst ring, so 6.000 on the 2nd and like 8.000 on the 3rd. You may not be able to deactivate the rings at such high speed.

      5) Is this space station equipped ?
      5) Sure, here is a list of what you can find
      - A teleporter docks/Island
      - A shop module
      - A huge central cargo, linked to all factories. (You only need to put the base materials in the central storage, the (auto pull all) in the storage, and set the wanted recipe in the factory to start the craft. Then the crafted produce will go back to the cargo again ready to be reused by another factory.)
      - 4 docks
      - A full terraformed island, with some caves and many gravity modules.

      Check the full attached picture for more informations, or just ask here to be answered.


      1. starmade-screenshot-0021.png
      2. starmade-screenshot-0026.png
      3. starmade-screenshot-0027.png
      4. starmade-screenshot-0028.png
      5. starmade-screenshot-0030.png
      6. starmade-screenshot-0033.png
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    Recent Reviews

    1. Diarmuid
      Version: 2017-02-01
      Very very nice. I'm kinda spawn LOTS of them, all over the Brierie spawn galaxy.
    2. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: 2017-02-01