Galactic Trading Vessel

    Galactic Trading Vessel 1.0

    A StarMade creation among those which are the most deserving of the "master build" description. This ship is a true artistic masterpiece!

    Imaginative design and very nice execution on its rather large hull. Clever and fun interactive functionalities. And a beautiful, meticulous job on its immensely spacious, atmospheric interior.

    The strength of this build for which I'd most recommend people to download and try it out, is its interior of never-before-seen architectural excellence. In all likelihood, never before was there an interior built with this level of volume, detail, realism and elegance. And there's a good chance it will remain forever the greatest StarMade interior, unless outdone by a newer creation of Tshara, the uncrowned king of interiors.

    Really, this Galactic Trading Vessel should be adopted by the devs as official content. In any case, it's astounding to think this was one and a half years of good work. Congrats for such an artistic feat! :)
    Good feedback! I’d like to think I pushed interior design forward in this one.
    Just, wow!
    Nice work
    At last ! I'll make good use of it ! Thanks a lot, looks awsome.