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    Eve Online - Freighter - Bowhead 2018-12-17

    For all your ship-transporting needs!

    1. DuckyQuacks
      Game version:
      EvE Online Ship Repositories presents!

      The Bowhead

      Brief Overview:

      The Bowhead is a 'Capital Class' ship designed for hauling 'sub-capital' ships over vast distances. The Bowhead features expansive interior and flexible cargo solutions for all shipping needs.

      Due to the size of the ship, there are no jump-drive and instead relies upon an already established 'jump gate' network.



      As with always, you're welcome to take inspiration and use this in your builds.

      This is version 1 - the interior needs some serious work still but the majority is there.
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    Recent Reviews

    1. Thadius Faran
      Thadius Faran
      Version: 2018-12-17
      I look forward to seeing some of those juicy interior updates you mentioned. ;)
    2. JackBeFlippen
      Version: 2018-12-17
      can confirm, it looks awesome.