Engine Template Set 01 1

    Three arrangements of engines for you to use

    1. klawxx
      Version: 1
      These are very helpful for the people that are learning to build ships, even tho I prefer to do my engines myself.

      The missing star is due to lack of either logic or ice cover on the system blocks.

      One thing id suggest is using the new metal bar corners to smoothen the jagging on the slabbed engines.
      1. MeRobo
        Author's Response
        I do not intend to come across as rude, but I think the metal bar corners would make the look worse due to not matching the colour of all the blocks involved and only being placeable from 1/4 slab to full block.
        The lack of ice cover is intentional, however, I forgot the reasoning in the description (will update that), it is so the thruster plume effect is clearly visible, which it wouldn't be if there was a transparent cover, due to changes made with the intent to make the plumes less obnoxious at long ranges.
    2. ForgottenPrime
      Version: 1
      These will come in handy thank you.