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    DTX_Planet_Cracker 0.1

    planet destroying capital ship

    1. Don71
      Game version:
      Dontopiax Corp brings you the ultimate weapon. A large but not gigantic planet destroying capital ship. It was made to land on a tile on a planet and fire directly into the core. Any tips or changes are welcome. THIS SHIP IS UNFINISHED

      The ship is unfinished but will fire and move (slowly) as is. The legs will rotate and retract and the main cannon will retract up into the main body of the ship. All the logic still needs to be connected to the main core and with weapons update some systems will change.

      This is one of my first relatively large ship builds. Adding detail to a design is much harder than it looks and without any type of model or image to go on it's a struggle. I'm placing this on here so that I don't lose it and can keep progressing on it when I have time.


      1. Planet_Cracker_ (1).png
      2. Planet_Cracker_ (2).png
      3. Planet_Cracker_ (4).png