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    Dirt Roid Station Base 2019-02-26

    An asteroid station for you to build on without causing server issues.

    1. Sachys
      Game version:
      Current build as of this date.
      This is an in game roid, templated and pasted down as a station - intended for you to build upon as you see fit (rather than causing issues by building on an actual roid, or tediously making your own from scratch).

      I realised my previous asteroid resource upload wasnt quite big enough for my needs, and that filtering out lukrah from a fertikeen roid would be much easier than double filtering the extremes of a cinnabar roid.

      This one had to be copied and pasted in three parts. -____-

      * * * * *
      starmade-screenshot-0183.png starmade-screenshot-0185.png starmade-screenshot-0187.png

      At 159 wide by 103 high and 179 blocks long, this entirely hollow roid shoud provide both fun and challenge when building. It has quite an interesting shape, and the size, combined with its hollowness would even allow for the building of cave systems should you choose.

      You can of course filter out the red dirt to be any other roid mineral you choose, or even armour.

      starmade-screenshot-0189.png starmade-screenshot-0191.png

      Theres a build block and faction block at the centre of the roid, with a red light as the very central point. Additionally, pink lights mark the outer extremes of the roid (should you wish to do any mass filtering yourself), along with a floating build block marked by two white lights.

      * * * * *

      Hopefully this is of use to some of you. Should you use it and upload your creation to the dock, please do link back to this resource. :)