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    CEC YZ-775 Medium/Light Freighter 2017-08-29

    Star Wars light to medium frieghter.

    1. SkyHawk024
      Game version:
      This ship is as close to 1:1 scale as I could get it. She is able to land in atmo she has defensive weapons and little to no offensive except a couple missle tubes she also has two working escape pods for when you cant save this rugged ol girl. I built her so you the community can do with her what you want and have provided a simple interior based off the few blueprints I could find. Shout out to Stike7g5 and WhiteFaulken for help with logic and ideas.
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      I hope you all enjoy her I will be updating her as time goe's on with more variants and additions.

      If you wish to modify the ship and release it please ask my consent first, it is out of respect!

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    1. Updated with new blocks and reactors

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    1. Macharius
      Version: 2017-08-29
      Nice work !
      1. SkyHawk024
        Author's Response
        Thank you!