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    Better Times 5.3

    A civilization built on the leftovers of better times

    1. Happy New Year!

      This update contains some improvements that were made in the 5.2 horror-themed version, and some redesigned forcefield textures.
    2. It just keeps going...

      Update for game version 0.201.126 (The Weapons Update) containing textures for the new blocks and a few touch-ups.
    3. The Best of Times?

      Updated for game version 0.200.332 to add new textures. This is also a general quality overhaul to address a number of flaws and inconsistencies as well as enhance normal and specular maps. Most blocks have been updated in some way, though not all will be noticeable in the game.

      • New power system block textures
      • Repulsor block textures
      • New missile module textures
      • Revised thruster block textures
      chamber.jpg missile.jpg ...
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    4. Guns!

      Update for game version 0.199.646:
      • Rail cargo load/unload textures
      • Guns!
      • New weapon module textures (except missiles)
      • Guns!
    5. The Times They Are A-Changin'

      Update for game version 0.199.357:
      • New texture placements and animations
      • Adjustments to riveted hull appearance and white/yellow specular contrast
      • A few other minor adjustments in keeping with the new game version
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    6. Bit Me Re Test

      Update to add the new randomizer and sensor logic blocks for game version 0.199.234.
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    7. Times Better

      This is an overall quality update, with texture changes ranging from subtle fixes to complete reconstructions. The new auxiliary power block for game version 0.199.214 is also added.
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    8. The Main (Menu) Event

      Update for game version 0.198.131:
      • Texture shuffling
      • Adjustments to white hull and armor to improve contrast and reduce glare
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    9. Pickup lines

      Update for game version 0.19590:
      • Added the new pickup rail build textures
      I've also added normal map PNGs to support playing with specular/emissive maps turned off.
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    10. Permission Granted

      Update for game version 0.19549
      • Update faction and permission block texture locations
      • New textures for permission blocks
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