Better Times 5.3

    A civilization built on the leftovers of better times

    1. 0ldSkull
      Game version:
      There was a time. A time when innovation and production triumphed and peaked, when things were built and used for a purpose. A time when every scrap of technology wasn't precious. A time when we didn't have to fight and scrape for everything we needed. There was a time, but things happened. And happened, and happened again. Some would say there were many times... different times... better times.

      • Theme primarily inspired by the discontinued Realistic pack
      • Corrugated hull, riveted armor, and diamond plate
      • New basic systems blocks:
        • Plasma sphere power generators
        • Vintage shields
        • Coily, venty, fiery thrusters
      • Electromagnetic rail elements
      • "SM" series IC logic
      • New computer faces
      • Retro cargo
      • Normal maps
      • Specular and emissive maps
      ... and more!

      Note that this is designed as a 256-resolution texture pack; the lower resolutions are simply scaled down, included primarily to support recent game rendering optimizations. You may find 128 acceptable, but using 64 would likely give you a headache.

      For best visual results:
      • Disable texture compression
      • Enable texture mipmap
      And enable linear mag filter for blocks in the in-game graphics options.

      Forum thread
      Better Times

      Unzip and place the "Better Times" folder into StarMade/data/textures/block (next to the "Default" and "Pixel" folders or directories).

      better-times-hull-4.0.jpg better-times-anim1-static-4.0.jpg better-times-anim2-static-4.0.jpg

      better-times-anim1-4.0.gif better-times-anim2-4.0.gif

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    Recent Reviews

    1. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: 5.3
    2. Arcaner
      Version: 5.0
      I sorely missed the old "realistic" texture when it got discontinued, but when I saw this I didn't look back! Awesome job, especially on the logic blocks! (I use those the most!). Awesome that you decided to update such an iconic texture pack.
    3. djthekiller
      Version: 4.1
      could use some better grphics for lights, as if you have too many then the textures dont really look good
    4. NeonSturm
      Version: 4.0
      Good as always.

      Will you include screenshots before/after updates in the CC-description?
      1. 0ldSkull
        Author's Response
        I hadn't really thought of doing so, and/or it just didn't occur to me that I could post images in the update description.
        I'll post some samples in the forum thread for this one, to be able to show a few different things.
    5. NeonSturm
      Version: 3.3
      And you keep updating it.
      BTW: did it count my vote twice now?
    6. ForgottenPrime
      Version: 1.0
      I love this.
    7. JimmyJamba
      Version: 1.0
      Been anxiously awaiting this...Great work and keep it up! I really like the power regen.
      1. 0ldSkull
        Author's Response
        Thanks, glad you like it!
    8. NeonSturm
      Version: 1.0
      Very good tiles!
      I especially like
      * logic
      * the yellow A-Symbol with expanding circles.
      * gears (though it could be more informative what block it is)
      1. 0ldSkull
        Author's Response
        Thanks! It's too bad that docking modules aren't animated blocks. ;-) I can only imagine that the next major game update might bring some interesting possibilities in this area.