Behemoth 50K turret

    Behemoth 50K turret v1

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    This upload is a package (RAR file) of two versions of the pictured turret. The one labeled "Machine gun" is the more interesting variant. Its weaponry is set up in the following way:

    There are ten separate cannon groups, each of 2500 blocks, connected to the same controller, and each ending at one of those long frontal outputs. To this 25K primary weapon I slaved a 12,500 secondary cannon group, plus a 12,500 Heat group (you can swap this for EM modules, for more of a shield-draining effect).

    When using this machine gun manually, you'll have these three distinct modes (switch between them with Left Alt key):

    FOCUSED - All ten outputs concentrate damage at the aiming point, penetrating deeper in the same spot.
    UNFOCUSED - All ten outputs fire at once, but hit on separate spots, spreading more surface damage.
    VOLLEY - The outputs fire one after another, creating the most satisfying rapid-fire effect.

    The "Basic cannon" variant (two outputs, each firing a 25K cannon without addons) is boring, and was included mainly because it's simpler on the inside, and easier to refit weapons... Use each as desired.

    MACHINE GUN VARIANT (in game version 0.203.156)

    Destructive capacity: 47K damage/projectile, 580K DPS total
    Power consumption: 5mill when shooting, 1.25mill when resting
    Firing range: 7500
    Mass: 40K
    Size with base: 61W x 61H x 90L

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