BC-304-Daedalus-Class-Battlecruiser 3

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    We've started updating the ship's systems to the current standards, and are progressing well. However, we are going to wait with the release until the promised removal of the Integrity System from the game, so we don't have to spend time on maintaining a positive value on everything.

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    This is the third refit of our ship.
    The changes include:

    -All 32 AA turrets and the Asgard beam weapon have been reworked for the new rail system.
    -Rail based hangar bay and cargo bay doors.
    -Rail based airlocks and bombing bay doors.
    -Four elevators.
    -Missile tubes can open and close.
    -Single button full missile salvo.
    -F302's were upgraded with rail based canopy and parked in 45 degree angle.

    • Height: 135 m
    • Width: 389 m
    • Length: 696 m
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    1. Daedalus-Class

      This is the third refit of our ship. The changes include: -All 32 AA turrets and the Asgard...

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    I love the ship, it is sad though that Power 2.0 screws with the power cells, and to get around the same amount of power, the ship will need to become even bigger than it already is
    although I am doing my own retrofit for other people on the dock, no hull changed, just switching out systems
    This is a great ship except for not being able to find the ship's core.
    Try entering one of the 302's and push the [DOWN] key. You'll get inside the ship core much faster that way. :)
    Excellent ship on a massive scale. The interior alone is a work of art on a massive scale. Very impressive and worth the hour it took to explore. Sadly my own interiors now feel very lame.
    Beautiful build! Can't imagine how long it took you to complete this.
    A pity the weapons don't work anymore
    The weapons work or don't work as the game changes; It's not quite our fault. That being said, the latest version was uploaded AFTER the latest weapon changes, and they DO work. Hower you might not have found them; The Asgard Beams became turrets, and the missiles are now connected to a logic system; Due to a bug, the launch button disappears from the action bar on a fresh spawn, so you'll have to connect the "inner ship remote" to the button below manually, then put it on your action bar.
    really good ship impressed by the lvl off detail put into it and the time it toke to make good job
    Looks Amazing Only One Thing Needed Unless I Missed It: Prison Cells
    I'm in ;pve with this ship. The detailing and attention to detail is outstanding. I love the fact you've incorporated all of the logic into it. It make a big difference (to me). I got to tell you this ship is a beauty with all gfx settings to max!
    I remember seeing this on the oldsite many times in different stages of completion the level of detail in this ships is amazing. I wish I could see this detail in one of the attempted 40k ships cant wait to try it with the new HP sytem.
    taco out!
    i saw this and i went blind from the beuty