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    Welcome to the Æses Factory,
    today the cruiser of the Asterocaon Fleet, The skywarden.


    Remaining in its objective to have a coherent fleet, the Aeses Factory needs to add to the fleet an imposing aircraft able to coordinate the fleet, to create a network within the fleet. But also a ship which can manoeuver by itself alone in foreign system. So here comes the Skywarden a design to become one of master piece of the fleet.

    General shape needed a week of retry to finally fulfill the objective which require a strong hull able to mitigate incoming treats protecting inner spaces. As for the interior a balance was required between systems efficiency and comfortable living space, a real puzzle. But we successfully obtain 3 floors of habitation without damaging widely performances of the ship. With more details, it deliver a capacity of 9 to 10 crewmembers plus 4 hangars to be the more polyvalent as possible. While systems give it heavy shield protection and a wide offensive arsenal. The only weak is its mobility but are compensated by a long-range quick charge hyper drive giving an extra mobility it lack of.

    This is a ship designed for long-range trip and adaptability to most situation event if it is specialized for combats.

    Design complete, rest the ship to build. The factory start teeming everywhere to process with the building instructions. Three weeks and a month later The Skywarden emerge from the ship yard with for first fly the mission to guard the faction system with the support of 2 brand new fighters.

    Here starts the journey of The Skywarden

    It was the Aeses Factory news.​

    HULL :
    - Size : 117 x 35 x 61 m​
    - Mass : 14.8K​
    - Armor : except visible protections, at the front and on the sides inner armor(green) have a doble layer of standard armor back by one layer of advanced​
    - Energy : 930K e/s​
    - Shield : 1.5M hp | 20K hp/s​
    -thrust : 2.0 ratio mass | 226 m/s max speed​
    -Chambers :​
    shield outage lvl 2​
    shield capacity lvl 2​
    hyperdrive quick charge lvl 3​
    hyperdrive jump distance lvl 3​

    Beam/beam : 100K dmg/s​
    Canon/beam : 108K dmg/shot​
    3 x Lock on missile : 27K dmg each​
    3 x 11 heatseeking missile : 4K dmg​







    Will not show all here ;)



    ( 3/6 asterocaon fleet ship release now )
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    Latest reviews

    Glad to see you took the advice when you were showing us the progress in the shipyard. Less is more! Crisp silhouette, good lines. This thing could stand in for a luxury liner. The forward bow has a subtle naval aesthetic while the engines have that deep baffling to reduce IR signature.

    A fine vessel indeed
    Thanks for the review, advice were good so I followed them and still open to new ones especially for the turrets moreover for the naval aspects at the front it was a goal happy you have remarked it
    I like it a lot, reminds me of the Somtaaw Dreadnought from Homeworld.
    light resemblances indeed but a pure invention. real thanks for your comment