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    Abandoned Medical Station 2014-07-24

    Atomic Yams
    First release
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    5.00 star(s) 7 ratings

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    I find that the Stations that look damaged feel more natrual, as it implies a reason that they are abandoned.
    Just awsome! O.O
    This is one of those rare stations that is gloriously well executed. Its overall design is complex, but not needlessly so, all the disparate elements feel as if they belong. The effects and work that went into making the hull appear damaged is incredible, and the station's interior is top-notch.

    Please put this in game, it'd be a waste of talent not to.
    really amazing!!!
    Detail work looks great! Solar panels are a great addition, this station will definitely have my vote.
    Flawless :)
    Stunningly gorgeous design. great idea ,even better implemented. A must be in game i think.