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    3D Character Dave converted from xml to obj 1.0

    A 3D Model of Dave from the xml file converted to obj

    1. SevenOperation
      Game version:
      Daveby70001.png Hi, since it is possible to export ships to blender i was wandering how to get the 3D Character exported.
      First i tried to make my own model which didn't work quite well. So i thought we have a xml file of the character mesh under data, so why is it not possible to just convert it into something like obj. After trying a little bit i found a way. So this blend and obj file are the results. This is the complete original Character Model from ingame, i just had to connect the verticies so no extra verticies should be there or faces and so on, hope you like it. dave0001.png
      The right model in the second picture was my try to model the character myself.
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