1. SevenOperation

      3D Character Dave converted from xml to obj 1.0

      Hi, since it is possible to export ships to blender i was wandering how to get the 3D Character exported. First i tried to make my own model which didn't work quite well. So i thought we have a xml file of the character mesh under data, so why is it not possible to just convert it into something...
    2. Crimson-Artist

      Sketchfab Beautification Textures 201.130+

      Ever since Starmadedock has had Sketchfab integration I have been interested in improving the look of the 3D models that we can import into it. While only a few players will go through the effort of importing their ships into Sketchfab I have also noticed that when they do they very often just...
    3. Asypha

      Tutorial Video Suggestion: Creating Custom LoD Shapes.

      I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, or even something your team would like others doing, but it would be REALLY nice if there was a resource to reference, such as a video tutorial, on creating our own custom LoD shapes from Blender models. (Other programs would be fine, but...
    4. G

      Import a Blueprint from 2013 ?

      Good evening ! Im searching a 1/2 size Star Destroyer from StarWars since weeks. I finally found a good looking one from 2013 1:2 scale Star Destroyer The only problem is that, when i download it i get a blueprint folder. When i insert it into my current blueprints and start the game it isnt...
    5. H

      Sketchfab Import Guide

      This thread is a guide on correct process for importing a StarMade model into Sketchfab, to ensure that the community can get the most out of that platform. Once you’ve got your model exported (see above if you’re uncertain how to do so), you can then put it into Sketchfab and start setting...
    6. Crimson-Artist

      Dave Blender Model 1.0

      Dave Blender Model Since we now have an official 3D model exporter for our ships there was always one thing missing. Dave! or at least our player model. Now with some work I've managed to convert the player model and rig it so anyone with blender can pose him and/or create animations...
    7. Anubis Evo

      Mini UNSC Frigate 1.0

      Just a miniature UNSC Frigate I made. Was fun to build and is fun to fly around. Looks pretty good considering size. Feel free to do with it as you like! You may not re-upload this in any way, shape or form without my permission.
    8. Darkquasar

      Shape Wing V 0.8 2016-05-31

      Not much other than 1 ship of fleet I'm planning to make for a friends server.
    9. Lukwan

      Y-Wing by Luk V-2

      Y-Wing 10:1 scale. This ship is my first attempt at a 'beauty-build' and modeling an actual ship from a reference. This version is fully skinned and has only minimal systems. It is intended for people who like to design systems but are still developing their building skills. No effort was...