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    10% scale of a roughly 1km long battleship yomamma

    yes its colour coded for areas for each person/team to work on

    1. jontyfreack
      charged crystal=areas for each person/team to work on
      red lights=macro battery
      purple lights=fighter/drone deployment
      red lights at the front=torpedo tubes
      doubled up blue lights=anti ship-turrets
      other blue lights=macro cannon arrays
      purple lights on the top=light macro cannons
      green lights=light auto turrets
      yellow lights=primary AMS locations
      red lights on the back=other anti-ship turrets and AMS arrays
      floating red lights="free floating" drones

      this is the "blueprint" for what I hope can be a co-op build on a server willing to have a bunch of people making a titan with a lot of turrets.

      this is what I have so far [​IMG]
      as you can see, this has dakka, even the dakka has dakka. and this is partially why it will be a co-op build, because turrets galore and the sheer size of the project.

      so if anyone would like to help out, leave a review saying "i shall help" PLEASE!!!!

      hail pipe!

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    1. colonel lacu
      colonel lacu
      Version: yomamma
      I would like to help... or am I too late.
      1. jontyfreack