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    banni du premier serveur starmade youhou pour la raison que je suis toxique XDDD j'aurais vraiment tout vu fermez avalon vaudra mieux les mec.
    My IRL project is finished apart from some paperwork, I'll include some pictures in my February progress report next week, but nothing new in terms of starmade yet.
    Sadness in what you are saying lg and iphones have up to 32 gds of ram and lg phones like the lg v35 thin q have graphic processers. Hell ark survival evolve. Has a mobile game. And its just as hard on hard ware. My low grade laptop 4 gbs of ram amd amd processor dual core play starmade my cell phone has a quad core processor and 16gb of ram and 32 gbs of storage
    Abput the same as a low grade gaming pc. Please do home work befpre you downsize cell community. Pretty soon. People wont use pc or consoles. Why wjen they can play at there figures cells are and is the future of gaming and life organtizing.. Its true sadly but thats the way pf the world. Pc are dinosaurs. And consoles are a waste of money.
    no idea what to say but feels like something ought be said? iono.. i'm listening to and considering what i'm gonna do for lunch? that's certainly a post..
    To this day I love your Character model and how it is top of google images and sad that it is not the real one used.

    I love how form fitting the torso is compared to blocky legs and arms are, I always imaged its because It had some form of artificial muscle built into carry all that stuff in your Inventory..... I hope your doing well where ever you are

    Your sincerely
    The tiny space vampire
    Does anyone from five-ish years ago still play this game? Old StarMade feels like mythology at this point.
    Malum Phasma
    Malum Phasma
    Started in 2015. Had small breaks until latter part of 2019. Have not technically returned so much as I am considering it, if that makes sense. IRL free time is hard to come by, and I imagine things have massively changed so I started here (forums) and going to dig around youtube and wiki to hopefully find out how best to use my time during the learning curve when I reinstall on my new system.
    Taking a break for a bit. With High Republic stuffs coming out I'll be reading that, and also working on an irl project. Once I'm back I'll finish the CR90 variants and Falcon upgrades. I'll still be checking the forums several times per day.