Zoners [WinDoom] [FL] [RP]

    Jun 24, 2013
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    The Zoners is a RP faction located at WinDoom.

    The Zoners are a diverse group of individuals who, for various reasons, decided to live in the unregulated systems outside official control. Over time, the Zoners did evolved into an influental and rich faction of traders, explorers and engineers that invests in scientific research and deep space exploration. The Zoner communities had neither time nor a real need to develop a military power, although they have always been able to develop technology to be among the best Galaxy had ever seen. Their love for freedom and individual occupations as well as the wide spread areas they are living in never allowed the foundation of a common military organization. They preferred to spend their income for further scientific advance, conforming with their curious nature, personal luxuries and new ways of colonizing and perhaps exploiting the Outer Sectors.

    The Zoners are maintaining neutral attitude towards majority of factions, abstaining from political interference in order to diffuse conflicts at the initial source of the problem.

    Our bases are open to anyone; however, the access to the life support and scientific sections is strictly prohibited.

    If you want to join us - feel free to post application in this thread or communicate with our members online.