Wolfpack clan server

    Aug 9, 2013
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    well these jerks reset their server, big posting about ask ace or gundamwolf to get your ships back.. for 2 days I asked and not constantly.

    I asked when first logged in and was told it was not going to happen. So I waited got into a fight with some pirates and you know surprisingly I did not see when the admin finally got around to me 4 hours later. So because I spouted off on their ineffective and time wasting management they permanently banned me. So I used 2 "swear" words which under their own rules was 2 warnings.. they killed me, destroyed my ship.. then banned me. Wow

    I would steer clear of this server the admins are lazy and punitive. I mean if you cant do the job don't take the position.

    and telling someone to check back later when its more" convenient" with out any further input as to when or how that event could occur is highly frustrating.
    May 10, 2015
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    A while back me and two admins, were the ones who constantly helped people which was a long time ago, then my computer broke, and the other two, had there HDD mess up.