[WIP] NBS Reckoning -- Heavy Battleship

    Aug 15, 2013
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    My friend and I have a private server where the two of us play StarMade, as both of us agree that large public servers have too many rules and too much metagaming for our liking. As a result of this, we spent a very long time detached from the community, not realizing that what we had dubbed the "Really Big Ship" was not only "nothing special" but actually quite small, clocking in at just over 150 blocks in length. After looking through the "Ships" section of the old site, I quickly realized that there was so much more that could be done in this game, and as such I set out to build a ship that would compete with those I saw on the website. However, our server is a survival server, meaning I had to either mine or buy every single block we placed. The only "hacking" we allowed was the /shop_restock command, as my friend and I agree that shops carry too few blocks to be useful.

    Construction Progress
    1. Outline exterior (Complete!)
    2. Fill in exterior panels (Complete!)
    3. Smooth out exterior with diagonal pieces (In progress)
    4. Add details to exterior
    5. Section off interior
    6. Add vital systems (engines, shields, etc) to interior
    7. Add details to interior
    8. Add turrets to exterior
    Current Stats (Last Updated 4 Apr. 2014)
    570 blocks long x 128 high x 203 wide
    325,262 blocks in total
    43,285,950 credits to purchase blueprint

    Outlining the ship:

    Beginning to fill in panels:

    Panels finished, adding diagonal smoothing (also redesigned bridge and added ship name):

    Close up of name (from earlier version of ship):
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