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    Weird Transparenz

    Discussion in 'Features' started by NeonSturm, Feb 21, 2014.

    1. NeonSturm

      NeonSturm StormMaker

      Dec 31, 2013
      I played around with transparency settings in the blockconfig and transparent blocks.

      For test purposes, I made "Glass (Plextanium)" half completely transparent, half with a white fog in the textures and set it to non-transparent in blockconfig.

      1. Then, I made a dark room (black hulls on one side) and placed a plexglass on the wall - the stars shined through...
      2. Then, I placed it 1 block away (midair) and the stars shined through - BUT only on the white-fog side, not on the transparent side.

      I made PlexDoors transparent in block-config, and while I was inside one (close while within them), I could see all the others (my view was locked in too). But if they were not transparent, I could see through all! - Inverted :D

      Now, I was curious and tried it one time with transparent and one time with non-transparent water (the water from walzou's texture pack, where you see waves, a little blue and actually see placed blocks).

      I tried to get the same behaviour as with PlexDoors when you are within them. I couldn't !!! Maybe you need either non-transparent or completely transparent (0/1 not 0.5) textures.

      Another funny thing is, that transparency is not counted for continuous blocks. I tried to archive an effect like "inside shallow water" vs "inside deep water".

      Only with space inbetween, transparency is counted more than once.

      If you have non-transparent textures and configure transparency, the block is still shown.

      If you have transparent textures and no configured transparency, the blocks behind the transparent one are not shown! Until the first space block everything is shine-through.

      Because textures are client-side, this can be abused - show enemy interior by hiding hulls, replace cockpid with transparent hulls etc (something that is not configured transparently). You just need a little (5-10% subjektive)...

      What I really wanted, was a sprite that turns itself toward the player (you always see only one side) for a fire sphere without weird edges in the middle and transparence from bottom-top view or top-bottom view.