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    1. Schine

      Sep 4, 2014

      We're currently looking for forum moderators to join our staff team at StarMade Dock. Moderators are volunteers who keep our forum clean from spam/bots and ensure our community rules and guidelines are being upheld. Mods should be outstanding examples of our community in the way they interact, setting a standard for the rest of our users to follow. Mods not only need to follow the rules and guidelines, but they must also be able to analyse and reason why these rules exist. An effective moderator is someone who can be firm and treat all users with the same respect and maturity.

      What we look for:
      • A clean post history, free from previous rule violations.
      • Mature and respectful interaction on SMD.
      • Good writing skills.
      • Able to work well in a team environment.
      • Previous moderation/administration experience, particularly on other forums.
      • Knowlege that moderation is a responsibility, not a power over others.
      • Existing interaction with the StarMade community (doesn't have to be here).
      • In-game experience is a plus.

      To apply, please fill out an application here: https://starmadedock.net/mod-app

      If your application is accepted, we will contact you for an interview over voice.

      - StarMade Dock Team
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