Turret Weapon Systems (among other questions)

    Aug 12, 2018
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    I was experimenting with weapon systems on turrets and ships so far my tests have been inconclusive. I don't have the computer power to run large-scale combat testing, so I wanted to ask the expert builders of StarMade:
    1. Do certain weapon combinations perform better on turrets than ships (like slow-firing CB vs rapid-fire CC), or vice versa?
    2. Are there weapon combinations that don't work with AI (like maybe MB not locking with AI)?
    3. Does "Any" turret targeting include entities and missiles?
    4. Are there any weapon combinations I should just flat-out avoid?
    5. Are damage effect computers worth it, or are they a waste of space and power?
    Thanks for helping me out!
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    Feb 1, 2015
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    Cannon supported by anything other than cannon does not work..reason..the compensation of output(barrel pointing 45° away but still being able to hit) does not work for those and the turret ai is not smart enough to point the barrel directly at the target making these combos not work at all with the ai...use with player only or spinal mounted...

    look up the effects of the particular weapon boost it with the corisponding effect to gain damage potential

    Misile kinetic
    Cannon em
    Beam heat

    Note dumbfire missile systems work ok for slow moving targets but due to travel speed do not work with moving small targets