The Universal Defence Empire (U.D.E)

    Mar 23, 2014
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    The Universal Defence Empire (U.D.E) is a faction setup to protect planets and other factions that do not want war. We promote peace but in the event of danger, will act accordingly with force and fury. We are civil and use negotiations rather than weapons but we guard the universe with our mighty battleships and fleets.

    The U.D.E will not have a 'main' server, we will be spread on lots of servers. Emperors will be in charge of the U.D.E on that server.


    Civilian - You are protected by the empire, your values including your life is important to us. You will not be doing any hard fighting but in the event of a full scale war, will be asked to join the army.

    Soldier - Your job is to protect members of the empire. Joining the army will mean your a part of the fighting. In the event of a war you will be sent to the frontline defending our universe.

    Diplomat - Your job is to form alliances with other factions across the galaxy. You are peaceful and will be provided with a diplomat U.D.E space ship for your travels. If you are attacked, then you must report it straight to the empire so they can act accordingly.

    Senator - Your job is to pass laws, declarations and enforce the U.D.E across the galaxy

    Admiral - Your in command of a battleship, that battleship is your life "You go down with your ship". If you do 'abandon ship' you will be forcefully excommunicated by the U.D.E as a traitor. Fight to the death, fight for your future, fight for the empire!

    Fleet Commander - Your in full command of a fleet. (Fleet = 3 Battleships, 1 Battle Carrier, 1 Command Ship, 50 Fighters) You may be sent to different parts of the universe to either recon, engage in combat or even collect resources. Admirals will follow your orders.

    Legionary Admiral - Your in command of one of the empires biggest, powerful and most expensive battleships in the fleet! Your ship may be called to assist fleets or event other ships in combat.

    Legionary Commander - A prestigous ranking. Your in command of all the fleets in the empire. 5 Legionary Commanders will be choosen.

    Emperor - Your in control of the whole empire on a specific server.

    Royal Emperor - Your in control of the whole empire on all the servers. Unavailable


    The might of the U.D.E military will only be used in rare events. As explained above, we are not a fighting faction, but in the times of war we will fight. Here are some of the ranks in the U.D.E :

    Soldier Ranks :

    - Cadet

    - Private

    - Officer

    - Sergeant

    - Major

    - Liutenant

    Ship Ranks :

    - Pilot

    - Engineer

    - Commander

    - Admiral

    - Fleet Admiral

    - Fleet Commander

    - Legionary Admiral

    - Legionary Commander

    Current U.D.E Ships / Fleets

    The Empire is still building its mighty army. Here is a list of current fleets and upcoming fleets and ships :

    Ships :

    - Light Fighter

    - Fighter

    - Battle Cruiser Knifex Class

    - Battle Cruiser Portex Class

    - Battleship Hedex Class

    - Battleship Sunex Class

    - Battle Carrier Obex Class

    - Battle Carrier Redex Class

    - Fleet Control Ship

    Note : Pictures Coming Soon!

    Fleets :

    - 1st Battalion 'Delta'

    - 2nd Battalion 'Alpha'

    Note : Pictures Coming Soon!

    Diplomatic Declarations

    U.D.E Alliance - When another faction wishes to join the empire, this declaration is called.

    " Factions within the U.D.E alliance will be protected and safeguarded. anyone who attacks a member of the empire will either be warned from the U.D.E or declared war upon. "

    U.D.E War - When another faction attacks the empire or its allies. this declaration is called.

    " If in the event of a faction attacking the empire of its allies then the U.D.E will act accordingly. If the empire feels its under danger, then the mighty army of the U.D.E will be assembled and civilians will be called up for war duty. "

    U.D.E Universal Alliance - If a faction wants to ally another faction under the rules of the empire then this declaration is called.

    " If a faction wanted to ally with another faction and wanted the same alliance rules as the empire, then they would use the U.D.E Universal Alliance delcaration. "

    The Senate

    The U.D.E Senate is the ground we stand on. The Senate is responsible for passing, declining and abolishing laws and declarations within the U.D.E.

    List of laws within the U.D.E :

    - Do not flee or desert in the time of war.

    - Protect allies in the most difficult times

    - No-one is allowed in 'No-fly Zones' without a pass

    U.D.E Universal Alliance

    When asking a faction to ally under the U.D.E Universal Alliance you use the following :

    " Under the U.D.E Universal Alliance declaration of the Universal Defence Empire, I, , ask for your allegiance following the procedures and rules for the U.D.E. "

    Rules and procedures :

    - Factions must not attack eachother

    - In the event of war, either faction, the other faction must aid in combat with the assistance of the U.D.E if needed.

    - If either faction wishes to break off the alliance then the other faction must allow. If for any reason there is a complication, then the U.D.E will resolve in a positive mannor.

    - If the U.D.E needs your assistance in war and conflict then you have the choice to accept or decline.

    Joining the U.D.E

    When joining the U.D.E you must follow the follwing rules :

    - Must obey orders given from ranking officers and commanders.

    - In battle, if you flee without a retreat order being given from the commanding officer then you will be excommunicated as a deserter and traitor.

    - Must not attack neutral factions unless attacked, if you attack a ally then you will be excommunicated as a traitor.

    - As a civilian, your job is to provide the empire with resources, the empire will provide you with your needs such as transport, etc...

    Application Template

    IGN :

    Age :

    Skype (if applicable) :

    What rank are you looking to fill (civilian, soldier, commander you will be promoted thought) :

    Why should you join U.D.E :
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    Pretty original faction!

    I really like that there are civilians, unlike most factions, which are military.

    I also really like the high detail of every aspect, and the fact that a new forum member made it.

    Maybe i\'ll join

    Good luck!

    Mar 23, 2014
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    Thanks guys I\'ll be settings more of the U.D.E over the next few days