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    The StarFeed Podcast!

    Discussion in 'Annoucements' started by fire219, Feb 26, 2014.

    1. fire219

      fire219 1200° Plasma

      Sep 23, 2012
      [​IMG]As part of a new SM Dev/Tester outreach project, a new (semi-official) podcast is being started: the StarFeed Podcast!

      What is StarFeed?

      StarFeed is going to be a regularly scheduled (once we get settled down and rolling) podcast/talk show all about Starmade, hosted by myself and TheImperialDonut. With content ranging from Q&A to game tips and everything in between, it will have something useful or entertaining for everyone!

      We have much of the show planned out*, but there is a problem.

      What is this problem, Fire?

      We have a lot of great content planned, but just two of us can't fill 30 minutes of airtime by ourselves. We need guests to join in and share wisdom! If you think you have something to to contribute, PM me here on the forums with what you have interest in doing, and times you are available. Suggestions about what to do on the air (and any discussion, honestly) are also welcome on this thread.


      * Many things are still yet to be decided, though.