The New Roman Empire

    Jun 20, 2013
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    The New Roman Empire

    "Sen?tus Populusque R?m?nus"

    "The Senate, the People and Rome"

    We Stand mighty once again, our structure is strong, are armies are stronger. The Legions will hold, and our empire will grow once again. The New Roman Republic will stand, and we will conquer all who stand before us, and the galaxy will be ours, and our empire will be endless. All who are able will be accepted. All who stand against us will be destroyed.


    New Legio Open, Commander and crew needed.

    New Crew required for RMS Six Feet Under. Officers needed.


    1: Respect Authorities, any disrespect will be returned with punishment or demotion.

    2: All orders are as follow, do not stray from orders, if you finish your orders, ask for more until dismised.

    3: The Emperor goes over all, While Orders from Dux and Centurions should be followed, any orders directly from the Emperor are of most importance.

    4: Abuse of power is frowned upon, to all Officers, NCO`s Ship Captains or Fleet Commanders, abuse of power reported by any lower ranks will be taken seriously, and if accused correctly you will pe punished accordingly and demoted.

    5: To be apart, you have to act apart, All members are required to show respect to other factions even enemies, if they provoke you, ignore them, if you cant, continue to keep a cool, respectful manner whil addressing them.

    Roman Laws (Created by the Council)

    Roman laws cannot be effected by the emperor, only sudgested and voted on, any laws passed by the council are final unless revoked on a later date by the council. Thus not giving to much power to one person and overall power to the people.


    Millitary Ranks

    Auxiliary - Trainees/Reserve/Light Infantry

    Basic Ship Crew or simple trainee.

    (This Rank is optional, if you wish to become a Decurion or higher you will take the training given at this rank if not just join Legionary Rank)

    Legionary - heavy infantry

    Fighter Pilots, or ship crew

    Can Fly any kind of space fighter.

    Optio - NCO`s

    Squadron Leaders, or basic engineers, medics,

    They can fly anything from Light scout craft, to heavy interceptors.

    Decurion - Officer

    Highly Ranked ship crews, second in command abord ships, have control of there own personal crew, and control small fighter groups.

    Highly Respected Decurions may get their own ship, from the classes of Stealth Cruiser to Light Frigate.

    Dux - Ship Captains

    Basically ship commanders, control their ship, and order their ships movements, and attacks.

    Can command any kind of ship. They are ordered there ships by the Centurion. (With the exception of capital ships)

    Centurion - Fleet Commanders

    They command the Legio`s and Order the movements of ther legio.

    Can Use Capital ships, and any other ship of their choosing.

    They also get to Name their Legion Unless already named by Emporor for special uses


    Legio I - Sparticus
    Commander: Spartanbeast
    Ship: RMS Six Feet Under

    Officers and their ships:
    Dux: Dark-Life
    Ship: RMS Lady Grey
    Dux: cncwarlord
    Ship: RMS Voiddiver

    Auxiliary: CaptainRyRy (Crew for RMS Six Feet Under)

    Legio II - Cold Fire
    Commander: platinum467
    Ship: RMS Disputant

    Officers and their ships:
    Ships and Crew:

    Legio III - Aleran

    Officers and their ships:
    Dux: MrMouseMaster


    Political Ranks

    Citizens: Basic citizens of the Roman Empire. They build ships, transport supplies, trade, mine, ect.


    Consuls: Two Consuls for every senator. They assist and help.

    Consuls and their Senator:

    Quastors: Controls our finances/Judges in court of law.


    Roman Senators: Debates and decides on Roman Laws

    Senators: Lonsdale (Shipbuilder.)

    Legatus: Second Hands to the Emperor


    Emperor: Leads the Roman People, mostly in control of the Roman Armies

    Emperor - spartanbeast

    Ships Of the Roman Millitary Fleet:

    Capital Ships-


    Escort Carriers-

    Heavy Destroyers- RMS Disputant (platinum467)

    Destroyers- Jericho Class Destroyer - RMS Lady Grey (Dark-Life)
    (No Picture yet)

    Heavy Frigates- Marathon Class - RMS Six Feet Under (Spartanbeast) RMS Voiddiver



    Stealth Cruisers-



    The Interceptor

    Heavy Bomber-

    Light Bomber-

    Heavy Fighter-

    Light Fighter/Scout



    Applications format.



    What you would like to join as: (Senate is not an option, leaders will be open if I deem worthy, only honorable and trusted members will be given high ranks.)

    Your IGN:

    your skills/traits you can bring to this faction:

    and what you wish to accomplish by joining us:



    Illustre stelle tibi, et perdet robur hostibus. Exercitusque perpetuae imperii sequentur.

    "May the stars guide you, and our strength destroy our foes. Our armies are endless, and our empire will follow suit."

    "Hige° sceal þe heardra, heorte þe cenre,
    mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen° lytlað."

    "By as much as our might may diminish, we will harden our minds, fill our hearts, and increase our courage."
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    Jan 24, 2014
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    This is CES, Malin Seignur of the Malin Roi. I would like to extend diplomatic greetings. If you are on or ever all on Illusive, my faction is potentially interested in an alliance should you be successful. Good luck with the new faction.
    Sep 10, 2013
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    But you have an emperor? For clarity, you should call it an empire.
    Nov 1, 2013
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    Technically the government structure suggests this would be an empire rather than a republic.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that. :>
    Jun 20, 2013
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    Do you not see the name -.-
    It says
    New Roman Empire,
    It was fixed a while ago stop complaining
    Sep 13, 2013
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    Applications format.

    Name: Jason

    Age: 22

    What you would like to join as: Any rank you deem acceptible.

    Your IGN: cncwarlord

    your skills/traits you can bring to this faction: Im decent at designing ships with good mechanical functions, not as good at making pretty ships. I can make utilitarian ships capable of holding there own.

    and what you wish to accomplish by joining us: I intend to be a member of the clan and help it to grow.

    Skype: cncwarlord

    Timezone: PST
    Oct 8, 2013
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    Didn\'t have to change the name of your whole faction, you could\'ve just replaced the title of emporer to consul, and all would have been fine...
    Mar 22, 2014
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    Name: Just call me RyRy

    Age: I\'d rather not say, just know I\'m not very young. I know what I\'m doing and how to be mature.

    What you would like to join as: Auxiliary, only to train first.

    Your IGN: CaptainRyRy

    your skills/traits you can bring to this faction: Great at policing, creativness (making ships semi-pretty), etc.

    and what you wish to accomplish by joining us: Continue to learn this very complicated game and enjoy my time doing so.

    Skype: Skype doesn;t work on my Starmade login, sorry. If I get it up I\'ll tell you ASAP

    Timezone: Pacific (US) so LA, San Francisco, Oregon, Alaska (I think), etc.

    I do have school, so know that I might not be on for extended perioids of time with no warning (lots of homework many days in a row)
    Jun 20, 2013
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    Welcome, to The Empire

    You will be assigned to is Legion I On The CMS Six Feet Under until further notice.
    Your Training will begin shortly, and when we are ready to begin a server will be given to you via PM.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask.
    (Understandable thats happened to me, if you could warn me before hand that would be awesome, if not its okay)

    Thank you and once again welcome.
    Jan 25, 2014
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    Well im doing pretty good... Um.... Pop on over to we have a base to build stuff at. :)
    Mar 22, 2014
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    When the sevrer goes up, can I help build Rome?

    I\'m guessing we are going to... Or call it Nove Roma.