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    the custom Npcs of star made and how this could be possible

    Discussion in 'Council' started by cowmaster14, Dec 15, 2016.

    1. cowmaster14

      Aug 28, 2014
      hey peeps
      I just had aw quick thought to kind of push out into to soon to be future of this game. Although this idea has been executed very well in a game that we can all remember very well, mine craft. I am talking about custom npcs in from the mod from a content creator named noppez has made, although we take his template of control. and paste something very similar into starmade as the way to get people to stay on ships stations etc without you directly having to purchase whatever you are looking for. For instance currently I am building a fairly large station. and for that station I feel as if having a npc on the station would really help with the fluidity of the station by helping people know where they are going. but how will the npc know what to tell people? EASY, through custom dialog that I have already typed in on a request for to get that npc to work there. setting a request would be similar to just simply spawning an npc in but it adds a bit more immersion into the rp perspective none the less. Not only will it just this but much more. sorry if this is a confusing read haha. Just a quick idea before I go to work in 5 minutes, ill be more that happy to clear this up.
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    2. DragonSoul9000

      Nov 26, 2016
      Cowmaster something along that line can already be done with the NPC Factions update. All you need is a shop module on your station with buying and selling prices set up. Then you can add the shop to the trade network. After that its as simple as ordering what you need from another faction and wait for the NPC Faction trade ships to deliver your goods to you.
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